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Designed to Penetrate Summer Weeds Fast!

✔ Strips the waxy cuticle off the leaf surface to assist in penetration.

✔ Increases the time taken for the spray droplet to dry which means longer time for penetration into the plant tissue.

✔ High Quality Australian Made formulation.

✔ Contains biodegradable surfactants.

✔ Increases the surface area of the spray droplet on the target surface.

✔ Minimises droplet rebound off the target surface.

✔ Designed to be used in place of Infiltrator† Spray Adjuvant.


Using a spray oil this summer?

If you're looking for something that is going to penetrate those hard to kill weeds fast, you need to check out our Smart Penetrator Spray Oil!

Crop Smart guarantees our products will work in accordance with the claim on the label - simple. All our products are manufactured to stringent standards using only the highest grade raw materials to comply with all Australian government regulations. Carrying a 100% guarantee, CropSmart products developed in our formulation plant in Melbourne are used by thousands of farmers Australia wide.

Key Benefits:

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“We used Smart Penetrator over the summer for our hard to kill weeds and were very happy with the quick brown out. We will definitely be using it again this summer.” 

- Guy Morton (Lock, SA)

“We weren’t 100% happy with our previous weed control, so a friend recommended Smart Penetrator. The results were excellent! We were absolutely blown away by its ability to control summer weeds. To anybody who hasn’t yet used Smart Penetrator – give it a go.”

- Allan Needs (Lameroo, VIC)

“My local Crop Smart Sales Rep suggested I try Smart Penetrator on our ‘hard to kill’ summer weeds and I am pleased I did. I had melon plants the size of a car bonnet and where I trialled Smart Penetrator, the whole vine was gone and only the melons were left.”

- Scott Cameron (Butler Tanks, SA)

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